Slots City Loyalty Program – Level up Your Game!

You can immerse yourself in the exciting world of gambling entertainment and amazing victories by becoming a member of the Slots City loyalty program. Every amount bet on the site takes the player to new heights. You will not only enjoy the top video slots, but also earn rewards and various privileges. Register on the casino website and become a member of the level system to get the most profitable gameplay.

What is a Level and How Does the Loyalty Program Work?

The loyalty program at SlotsCity Casino is based on levels. They characterize the guest’s achievements and reflect their progress and skills. To advance to a higher level, you have to accumulate points. You can earn them by playing for real money. The most point is awarded to players who complete the specified target tasks. Accumulation of points ensures an increase in level.

Moving up the stairs begins from level zero. Every time a new status is achieved, generous rewards are given out. The guest is also provided with additional privileges.

To participate in the company’s rewards program, do the following:

  1. Create an account. To do this, use your valid email or phone number. You can also register using Google or Apple ID.
  2. Log in. If you have lost your login data, follow the system instructions to restore access to your personal account.
  3. Pay. To carry out the transaction, you can use cards of Ukrainian banks, GPay, Apple Pay. Please note that the minimum deposit is 100 UAH. Try to deposit as much money as possible into your account. This maximizes the benefit that the deposit reward contains.
  4. Start playing and completing tasks. Use the available filters, search by name, categories to find the device you need. Check out the current missions to complete them

    as quickly as possible.

The system provided at the SlotsCity casino ensures the guest have with many advantages. The main ones include:

  • Increasing excitement while playing in a casino. Watching your progress can be compared to progress in a computer game. By “upgrading” their profile, the players receive more and more privileges. This will ensure a successful and profitable game in SlotsCity.
  • Generous rewards. Slots City made sure that players had a serious incentive to actively spin and complete tasks. For this purpose, the casino made very generous rewards given out for experience and achievements. In terms of profitability, similar rewards can only be rivaled by the starting incentive, issued for 5 deposits.
  • Additional privileges. Bonus hryvnia and FS the list of rewards for those who earn experience is not limited. By improving your status, you can gain access to the services of a personal manager. This will ensure prompt resolution of possible problems. In addition, high-level holders can withdraw winnings in an accelerated order.

Please note that experience points are awarded not only on the desktopsite, but also on the mobile site. In addition, the loyalty application is also provided in the application, which can be downloaded on the Android device.

What Brings Points and how to get Them: Step-by-step Instructions

There are different ways to earn points in online casinos. For example, they are provided for those who:

  • Plays for real money. Anyone who has reached the age of 21 can start placing bets in hryvnia. To do this, register and make a deposit. Also activate bonuses – points are provided even when using bonus UAH for games.
  • Has their profile verified. To verify your account, confirm your identity and personal information. The standard way to go through the procedure is to upload photos of the relevant documents to your account. However, it is easier to confirm your identity by logging into the state service Diya or by logging into the Internetbank.
  • Made the first payment. The task of making a deposit allows beginners to receive their first completed mission almost immediately after registration. It is important that for the first payment not only points are awarded, but also a deposit bonus is provided.
  • Launched spin of the Wheel of Fortune. Spins are available to those who have spent 30,000 hryvnia on bets. Please note that when you pay out, the spin will expire. Also, the spin will be canceled after 3 days. In addition to mission points, you can win bonus funds, a deposit reward and free spins.
  • Started the rotation of Bonus Machine. A spin within this promotion is issued after every seventh payment. In addition to points, the bonus machine features free spins, bonus hryvnias and a large jackpot. With each turnover, the chance of receiving the greatest reward increases.

It’s easy to get even more points by participating in tournament events. Competitions held in SlotCity between guests require the players to bet real money as actively as possible in video slots included on a special list. The more bets are made, the better the chances of taking a prize position in the rating table. The main thing is to familiarize yourself with the conditions under which the competition takes place in advance. For example, each tournament has a minimum qualifying bet. To advance though the leaderboard, bet amounts not less than the established limit. In addition, it is important:

  • dates;
  • number of winners;
  • size of the prize fund .

The latter is distributed among the winners, taking into account what position a particular player took.

Points are also awarded for winning sweepstakes. To participate in such events, get a ticket. It is issued for actions specified in the rules of the promotion. The more tickets you have, the higher your chance of winning. Which tickets will be winning is determined completely at random.

Bonuses for Levelling up the Game

The rewards that the loyalty program includes are divided into one-time and permanent. The first ones are published once, when a new status is assigned. The higher the level reached, the better the bonuses. A permanent reward is provided at regular intervals as long as the achieved status is maintained.

SlotCity casino provides different types of rewards for achievements. Some of them are provided regardless of whether the balance has been replenished, others are issued only after a deposit. If we talk about deposit incentives, they are divided into the following types:

Type of deposit reward

Where can I use the bonus?


Bonus money

Any games from the catalog

A certain amount is credited to the bonus balance. It can only be spent on bets in games. To transfer the reward to your main account, you need to wager it. To do this, place bets in an amount equal to the result of multiplying the bonus and a special coefficient (wager)

Free spins

Video slots

FS is provided for use in specific devices. It is not possible to change the bet size when making free spins. The amount required to wager such a bonus is calculated by multiplying the winnings brought by free spins by the wager


Any games from the range

Provides protection against losing the entire bankroll. If the bets are unsuccessful, the funds deposited into the balance will be returned to the gaming account

As no deposits FS and bonus UAH can be provided. Typically, such rewards are issued based on the highest wager. The increased wagering ratio is due to the fact that to accrue no deposits you do not need to make a payment.

As you move through the levels provided in the Slots City system, you can still activate cashback. It is a partial refund of the amount spent during the billing period. The latter can be equal to a week or a month. The exact refund percentage is determined based on the specific status. Cashback is issued with a low or even zero wager. This bonus provides the opportunity to partially offset the consequences of unsuccessful spins. By using cashback, you can continue playing even if you don’t have a new deposit.


How can you Improve your game level?

You can improve your status by betting hryvnia in casino games. In addition, to increase your level, you can complete tasks provided on the site. As part of missions, you may need to complete a financial transaction, confirm personal information, take part in tournaments and sweepstakes, and perform other actions.

What bonuses are available when you reach a new level?

What kind of bonus Slots City will provide depends on the level reached. Free spins and additional hryvnia for the cash balance can be counted. In addition, the company can issue cashback and insure the amount deposited into the balance. Returns and insurance are especially useful for those who are highly active.

What is the difference between one-time and ongoing rewards?

A one-time reward is provided once. To do this you just need to achieve a new status. Permanent rewards are awarded at certain intervals as long as the level achieved is maintained. It should be noted that the status may deteriorate if the activity stops, then the periodic rewards will decrease.

What actions lead to experience gain?

Each bet placed online with real money brings experience in the form of points. In addition, points are counted for completing missions. For example, you can complete quests that require you to make payments of varying amounts. In addition, there are missions that encourage participation in competitions or lottery draws.

Is possible to view the current level and rewards?

At any time you can see what progress has been made in Slots City. To do this, open the player’s account and go to the corresponding department. It will show how many points have already been issued and what level has been reached. In addition, the profile displays incentives provided by the company for your activity.

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