Scala Senior Software Engineer

Cracow, Lesser Poland District, Poland


  • Strong algorithmic background
    • Functional programming experience, ideally – Scala or Erlang
    • Broad background with at least one modern OO languages Java, C++, C#
    • Design patterns: GoF, Network, enterprise
    • Experience of developing distributed systems
    • Experience of working on big data, large datasets, high QPS solutions
    • Proven experience with highload system, fromscratch design and development
    • Experience with NoSQLdatabases
    • Experience with Amazon cloud hosting
    • Advanced Unix knowledge
    • Ability to work with fuzzy requirements
    • Fluent English

Will be a plus:

  • Experience with Hadoopbased data solutions
    • Knowledge of modern online advertising technology
    • Graph and tree algorithms
    • Statistical analysis experience
    • Machine learning experience
    • Experience with agile methodologies

Company offer:

  • Exciting, interesting project
    • Truly fun team and place to work at
    • Competitive salary
    • Periodical performance and grade review
    • Medical insurance
    • Coffee, milk, cookies and fruits daily in the office
    • Company team building events
    • Convenient office location 4 km out of Krakow city center


  • Contributing to StrikeAd Bidding product codebase
    • Product features design and implementation
    • Unit tests development
    • Business analysis of requirements and conversion of those into technical tasks
    • Backlog estimation
    • Assigning tasks to subordinated developers and tracking of their work
    • Reporting to TL and System architect

Project description:

Our SaaS product is designed for
buying and configuring advertisement in real time on mobile and traditional web media. We process
billions of transactions a week, each in under 100ms so the tech is pretty advanced. We honestly
believe it can be the most interesting project you’ve seen by far.

Our system is a huge and complex bigdata solution. We are working on data visualization, search algorithms, complex data structures, machinelearning, statistics analysis, etc.

We have finetuned SCRUMbased delivery process based on continuous integration, automated testing, build and deploy processes. We are working on search algorithms, complex data structures, inhouse
ETL solutions, machinelearning, statistics analysis, etc.

Main technology stack contains Scala, Erlang, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Hadoop, Mongo DB,
Backbone, JQuery. WearehostingatAmazoncloud.

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