Message to the candidate

Hello, dear Competitor!

We’re glad to see you on our web-site. We can offer you lots of services which don’t need any cost of your time and effort. They’re :

To help you to build a career

Are you a student or just graduated and ready to build the career, or maybe you made decision radically to change work and business area? We will provide you all information about the strongest players in the interesting you area of business, we are ready to help you to choice the correct strategy of career and professional advancement. We are ready to provide you the  information about internships of various companies !

To select the best company for you

Do you   have  preferences to the company, where you’re going to spend most of your time? Is it important for you to know atmosphere and   features of the working schedule of the company?  Do you want to work in the company of certain profile with comfortable and flexible hours for you? Maybe, it’s  important for you the size of project group or duration of project . On all these and other questions you can  get answer from us! 

To be always in a course of appearing interesting suggestions

Are you tired  to engage in support of the same product? You don’t look the  prospects of career advancement, do you? Maybe, it’s time to appeal to us and pick up a decent offer for you!

To know your real cost at the labour market.

You aren’t appreciated at the current workplace, are you? You don’t get deserving you salary, do you?

Maybe, you even don’t know what salary you should point on an employer’s interview – we will tell you your true value !

Recruitement  agency “Apeiron Systems” cooperates with many companies, providing services in a search and  selection of personnel for them. First, you hear about their suggestions, and then they hear that you’re  interested in their vacancy!

We are interested in a permanent collaboration with you and ready to conduct you upwards on a career stair, sharing with you the success of professional and career growth.